Friday, October 31, 2014

Sunday Novemebr 2nd Meditation Class

Hello to you ALL!

Join us this Sunday, November 2nd for a very SPECIAL Taste of Mindfulness Meditation Class
at the Bedford Youth Performing Center (BYPC)
155 Route 101
Bedford, NH.

Please bring along a yoga mat and blanket.

The class will meet at 10AM, as we typically do each month, for an hour of guided and silent meditation time. Directly following the meditation time will be a 45minute to an hour talk/presentation on bringing more mindfulness into daily life.

You DO NOT have to stay for the talk, and can leave at the conclusion of the hour long practice time around 11:10 or so.

There is NO added charge for the talk. Simply express your thanks and appreciation with your donations in the box I provide each month.

I am doing this special talk for many reasons. First and foremost,  I had to cancel the regularly scheduled Taste of Mindfulness class that was supposed to have happened last Sunday October 26th due to my father's sudden death. We were in New Jersey for 9 days dealing with all that this unexpected loss caused to occur.

Second, I had to cancel the retreat scheduled for this weekend due to low enrollment. Last June when I held the retreat we had over 21 people register, this time I had only 5. I do hope those numbers increase next time I offer the retreat as the feedback last time was so supportive and strongly in favor of having it held more then once per year.

This is my way of saying thank you
to all of you for the change of schedule and for the cancelled classes!

I am planning to offer a "Dealing with Difficult Emotions" class in January or February, so stay tuned on that one!