Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Particpant Reviews of MBSR

Past participants comment on the 
traditional 8-week MBSR program
taught by
 Cecilia Howard
Please note: Comments were all reprinted with permission from participants.

What did you like most about the class?

  • "The variety of activities, my classmates and the instructor."
  • "Non judgmental, warm and accepting."
  • "Can't choose one thing.  Everything was necessary and worked together...." 
  • "The emails were wonderful."
  • "The group setting and the guidance through (it.)"
  • "I liked how it made me feel I could concentrate on myself and no one else."
  • "The instruction was detailed and thorough."

How effective was the instructor?

  • "....kind, compassionate and available and so willing to go above and beyond."
  • "She has a gift for compassion and, I feel, necessary for this class."
  • " Very clear and thorough."
  • "Excellent, considerate in all aspects of speaking to the group."
  • "I feel (her) committment and strength and lifestyle to the subject. Very knowledegable."
  • "Very effective, very empathetic, knowledgeable." 
  • "Since all comments, exercises, instructions came from the heart, it was easier to relax and focus on content."
  • "Very. I always had the sense that classes were moving in a plotted course, not meandering."

Would you recommend this MBSR program to others?

  • "Yes, I actually feel it should be mandated in schools and at work."
  • "Yes. We  all could use the practice, to make some improvements and taking the time for awareness."
  • "Yes. It helped me so much and it is an amazing experience."
  • "Yes. I think there is great benefit to learning and practicing the techniques taught."
  • "Yes. I think it helped me in my quest to own or belong with my experiences."
  • "Yes. I cannot imagine anyone not benefiting from the program in some way."

Here are some examples of the careers and current life experience of the participants Cecilia has taught: 

Teachers, retirees, executives, software engineers, physicians, nannies, home creators, nurses, therapists, yoga instructors, administrative assistants, students, and a variety of business owners/employees

The  Fall 2014 MBSR CLASS is OPEN for REGISTRATION. Please see the prior post from Tuesday May 20th, 2014 to learn more or email the teacher directly at cbhoward@mac.com

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