Sunday, September 29, 2013

MBSR Classes Bedford, NH

If you missed the chance to sign up for the fall session of the Traditional 8-Week MBSR, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, I wanted to announce that a Spring 2014 Session will be held. It should run from March thru April, and as of this time, course fees will be much the same as they were/are for the Fall 2013 classes. Stay tuned for further information in the upcoming weeks for more information concerning specific dates and times.

Please read my past Blog posts on MBSR for additional information concerning the program, and check back here in the next few weeks for specifics as to dates and times for the Spring MBSR session in Bedford, NH.

Mindfulness is the ability to focus on the present moment, in a nonjudmental way. It is the ability to stay focused on the task at hand, or the activity being engaged in, without letting the flow of thoughts or distractions take you from the present.

Sounds simple? is, and yet it isn't.

This is why we practice.

It DOES make a difference!

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