Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Semi-Guilty Pleasures

Let me take you all along on a bit of a foray into the things I enjoy in a truly guilt-free way! I am willing to bet a good deal of you are fans of the things mentioned below, you just may not be as willing to admit it as am I! So, here goes........

I am a voyeur! Yes indeed and what I like to watch, every now and then is, are you ready for this, it may come as a suprise?  QVC and Home Shopping Channel. Not for the reasons you might think. I think I have purchased something about five or so times over the many long years these two channels have been broadcasting. SO, if am am not buying, why watch? What I do enjoy, is  seeing Suzanne Somers hawk her latest product of the moment, or Joan Rivers and her ornate jewelery which looks like it would weigh a ton to wear. Something about these people, who are retail mavens makes me smile! Recently, I even caught THE Donald's wife, Melania, chatting away and selling some really exquisite pieces of costume jewelery. (Anyone else notice she has the same squinty-eyed look that Donald has, although on her it looks MUCH better!) I also love to see that woman who looks like a very petite version of Angelina Jolie sell anything! Not sure what her name is, but all the callers seem to love her. I think I heard her mention recently that she was invited to the White House and met the Obamas, now THAT'S salesmanship! I watch it every now and then because for some crazy reason I find it soothing, mindless and just what I need when I am channel surfing. I love how the sales people establish these warm and loving relationships with loyal followers who tune in to see them every time they come on and I am fascinated by this aspect of home shopping. I just hope all the people spending dollars for hundreds, if not thousands of products, can truly afford the things they are buying. I hope they realize a lot of the stuff is NOT as it seems on the TV. Despite how many gemstones that man, (oh, what's his name?) who "travels all over the world to find the BEST for you," he is still probably paying cheap labor wages, in parts unknown, to make all that affordable sparkly stuff to drape on your neck, arm and fingers. So, buyer beware...but it is fun to watch, if just for the pop phenomenon that it has become in our culture, BUT in small doses and only for ten or so minutes at a time now and again!

In addition to being a bibliophile and bookaholic I  am a magazine junkie! On any given day in my home you can find a myriad of magazines. Everything from Shambhala Sun to Martha Stewart Living. I have to admit though, that I am picky about the mags I read, and yes, I should be more "green" but I just can't stop myself! Well, I could but it is something I really enjoy doing and all gets recycled or passed along to friends. Frankly, I  learn a lot from those Scientific Americans and Eating Well issues that are dog eared and slightly frumpy/bumpy from being read in my next guilty pleasure: the bath tub!

Yep, I like to take long soaks along with some bath scents to relax the mind, soothe aching muscles and enhance the experience. Dr. Hauschka makes some incredible products for just such a purpose . Aromatherapy in a tub! I know it is more drying to my aging skin/body, but it is heavenly to set foot in a warm filled bath and read my latest mag or even a book! Now, there is a good reason why I read in the keep me awake! Sometimes those scents in the water are so soothing I have almost fallen asleep a few times and that could be a very dangerous thing indeed. So. I read, soak and come out of the tub knowing a bit more then when I went it!

I have to admit, that some of my guilty pleasures have come and gone in my life. When I was a teen and young adult growing up in New Jersey I was passionate about diners and in particular my favorite fare was a cheeseburger, french fries, a chocolate shake and yes indeed, New York Style cherry cheesecake for dessert. Oh and with those delicious dill pickle spears, with the meal of course! YUM!!! I know what some of you might be thinking! But no, I was thin and trim my whole life until my late 30's/early forties, long after I gave up those Cheeseburger Deluxes! So, it was indeed divine in my youth to imbibe!!! I also had to curb my love of glassware and, not together, although wouldn't that be lovely combination in a retail environment! For years I have had a penchant for collecting glassware from the 50's and 60's and a love all lights, lamps and chandeliers. Take me to a lighting store (there used to be tons of them long before all these awful box superstores came along) and you could not get me to leave until I had seen everything. The shine, sparkle and glimmer of both my guilty pleasures from the past still delight, I just refrain from purchasing!

So, it would seem my secret passions may not be quite so odd (I have others, but those shall remain a secret, would not want to reveal too much here.......or should I????) Suffice it to say I am someone who respects others who dare to different and go against the societal norms, especially those norms that have taken over and homogenized our world to the point of blandness, (QVC and HSC do this EVERY day) mediocrity and utter boredom. So while my guilty pleasures may be more "normal" or tame then say, someone who secretly steals from shops or someone with a sex addiction (hmmm.....) they are nevertheless worth pursuing in my book!

Hope your "guilty" pleasures are wonderful to pursue.......within reason of course! HAHA!

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