Thursday, May 23, 2013


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Yep, got a cold! Funny thing colds are or at leat they are for me. Not in the funny, haha, boy that made my bellyache more like the odd, strange and weird way you feel when you look at a painting by Saladore everything is NOT what it seems. Cue music from Twilight Zone........

First, I get SO tired when it hits me......during the day that is.....then at night I am wired! Cannot sleep and wish I could. Wonder why, but since I can't change it, I just go along with it. Although it can be challenging as the eyes water, and the body is weary, yet something keeps me awake......what is that all about?

Second, my appetite goes on a rampage! In fact, that is typically the first sign I am getting sick. I could eat and eat and eat and not feel full. I have been like that since I was a child and THAT was a LONG time ago! The GOOD thing is: I don't put on any additional weight or have to pay for my indulgences during these sickie times, as long as I stop them once the cold starts to pass, which it typically does after 3 or 4 days. Calories burned off in the energy headed toward healing the body I suppose.

Third, I get REALLY crabby when it is approaching! Not just a little, I mean a lot crabby! This too has been the same since I was child. Ironic how our bodies warning signals do not vary much from childhood. When I was little, look out, my temper would flare and boy I would get mad at the slightest provocation. Grumpy was a good day for me when a cold was brewing! Today or as I got older, I recognized the pattern so now I am better able to let my loved ones know why I am SO feisty.....although....sometimes it catches me unawares and I react in a way that does none of us any good. At times like these I try to see beyond the reaction wanting to burst out of me, and take a look at the thoughts, emotions or feelings that may be precipitating my current state of mind. It invariably leads me to one of two things: either I did not get enough sleep, (a thing at this premenopausal time that is most irregular) or I am getting sick.

Fourth, I start to ruminate on where I might have picked up the cold......but then quickly stop that train of thought because it could have been anywhere. So why pursue that train of thought or line of thinking since it can never be truly proven and even if it were, it would not change the reality of the situation one bit.

Fifth, I try to give my body what it needs when it needs it! Food, rest, supplements, etc. I go easy on the fact that I am sick. I know many people who get so angry when they are sick, and take it out on themselves for having gotten sick in the first place. Simple fact is germs exist and if you live and breath in this world you are going to encounter them so might as well learn to get along.

Now, this is not to make light of the fact that there are people with a compromised immune system that even a simple sneeze from someone can have a devastating effect on their well being. No, that is a very real threat. But, what I am suggesting for them as well as all of us is this: if we worry about the things we have no control over will it make it better, or will we just worry more? And if the outcome of all our worry results in our worst fears being realized, will more worrry change this fact? And more importantly if we worry and the thing we fear the most, whether it is getting sick or something else, does not occur, then was all that worry truly worth it?

So, I have learned to worry less, have more acceptance of things as they are,  and live more fully. The end result:  more smiles then frowns in life!

Now, excuse me I have to blow my nose.  :  )

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