Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Take Them A Meal" in Bedford, NH

"If hungry people come, give them food. If thirsty people come, give water. If suffering people come, help them. That is our job—life after life, just continue to help all beings. But to do that, you have to have mind which is clear like space." 
 Seung Sahn, "BOOM!"

Rebekah Lurvey, who is in the 8th grade and a resident of Bedford, NH has a rare and very aggressive form of cancer. Once she is done with her medical plan of attack, which is not over for many months yet, she will have experienced first hand 2 surgeries and 14 chemotherapy treatments. Rebekah is in the midst of her chemo treatments now. So far, she has had 8 chemo treatments and one surgery. 

Anyone who has experienced chemo first hand knows how grueling, tiring and life altering a treatment regime like this can be. In addition, anyone who has been a caregiver or loved one of someone going through treatment, knows only too well the meaning of exhausted.

This being said, friends of the family have worked out a wonderfully easy schedule for people in the community to provide meals to the family for only a few days per week. This is a very helpful and generous thing to do that truly helps everyone in the family! Knowing that a hot meal is to be delivered to your door at the end of of a long and tiring day is a relief to anyone, but it is multiplied by the thousands exponentially when the exhausation is due to the constant care and routine of doctor tests, treatments and aid/therapy of all kinds. It is indeed daunting!

If anyone can help out here is the website to sign up to deliver a meal:

It is called Take Them A Meal and it is as easy as possible to sign up! Just choose your date, type in your meal and you are done.  A reminder email is sent to you before your chosen day so what could be simpler?

If you can help, please do.  It seems the list of names is starting to dwindle, which can happen once the initial burst of activity has passed. Rebekah will be receiving treatment up until the summer most likely, and once that is done she will be in recovery for awhile thereafter. The entire process is truly long and draining and the road ahead is still fraught with all sorts of unexpected occurrences. But it is also filled with tremendous amounts of love, courage, spirit, and faith as I saw first hand last night when it was my turn to drop off a meal with my son.

Only good thoughts going out to Rebekah and her family today. May they all be strong, may they all be at peace, and may they all find joy in even the smallest of ways possible.

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