Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My heart is with you ALL Post-Sandy!

This is the beloved Point Pleasant Beach shoreline on a cold and brisk day this past April 2012. Wild, erratic surf and blowing salt spray are common occurrences at this lovely, family beach located on the Atlantic Coast in New Jersey. Sadly, this town, where I once lived, worked and played has been left badly scarred and wounded by the "Super Storm" Sandy. In fact, there are probably few towns all along the eastern seaboard, as well as further inland,  that did not incur damage or problems. Power outages, downed trees, flooding, fires and wind damage are just some of the effects felt by one and all.

Many beaches will be forever changed by the driving seas that pummeled relentlessly onto the fragile shoreline. Changed forever, but a "new" type of normal will eventually come shining through.

It made me once again aware this morning how everything does indeed change, nothing lasts, and there is something rather poignant about this natural rhythm to life. Just as in nature, things change and shift in our own lives. We give rise to new discoveries, sometimes wrestle with their effects, but in the end, we are changed despite all our best efforts to "sandbag" ourselves from the encroaching storms that can and do beset our own lives. 

So, good thoughts to everyone touched by Sandy. It was a storm none of us will soon forget and I truly hope that you all find your new "normal" soon!

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