Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Laugh, it makes you FEEL good!

Last night my husband and I happened upon a recorded show of Jay Mohr: Funny For a Girl, that had aired on Showtime. Jay Mohr, for those who might not know him, is a stand up comedian and actor. One of his most memorable roles was as the overly aggressive sports agent from Jerry Maguire. Neither of us had ever seen Jay's stand up routine so we decided to give it a whirl last night. Let me just say for the record: if you are the parent of little boys, were once the parent of little boys, or know someone with little boys, this is a MUST see show. (Warning: for those that dislike bad language or shy away from adult oriented humor, do not view this program. Some of his humor can be quite racy. So be advised.)
Our son building his traps in the woods

We could not stop laughing at the way he describes a sleep over with various 7 and 8 year old little boys.  Jay goes on to tell the tale of how he said good night to his son who at the time was wearing  NY JETS pajamas, however a few hours later, his son comes in the bedroom to tell his dad of some evil deed doings by a sleepover mate, only now he is wearing Spongebob pj bottoms and a Lightening McQueen pj top. When he arrives on the scene all the kids are in various states of undress and one boy is running around proudly without his shirt enjoying the freedom!
Snap of me laughing by my son

Again: if you have boys THIS WILL make you LAUGH!
A NYC Cockroach, a requested photo by my son!

Another funny story of Jay's concerns telling his sons to just "get out of the house" one day when he had gotten particularly angry at them. He tells how 2 hours later he calls them back inside only to discover all 3 of them are soaking wet from the chest down, one son has a "dog poop" snow ball in his hand and the little one is dragging home a prosthetic leg. When asked where they had been, all three said " I don't know."

Oh my, it makes me smile just to write this all down. Our family has been blessed with a host of little boys who are now all grown men, and our 8 year old is towing the obligatory male line quite nicely. It is different raising boys then it is girls, no question. How do I know that for certain you might ask, because I WAS a little girl. Boys just make me laugh! They have a free spirited way about them that can lead them into trouble without even trying. Many girls have an intensity that can border on the hyper critical or analytical. Boys just "are", girls "do."

Just the other day our son regaled us with tales of the playground whereby the boys were all trying to spank each other as hard as they could. Some boys were quite better at it then others, and my son spoke in glowing terms of being able to take a swat quite heartily from one of these champions of spank. Again, SO funny as my girly sensibilities inside my head were screaming
" WHAT!!! DO ANY OF YOU BOYS HAVE A BRAIN?" OK, I admit it, maybe this was not the most mindful thing to say in the moment but it WAS said with humor in my heart and a smile on my lips! While out of my mouth came the words " I am not sure if that is such a good activity to be pursuing at recess." 

But I had to admit, it made me LAUGH and it made my husband laugh too when I told him about it later that same day! BOYS!!!

Japanese Beetles as snapped by my son
So take heart parents of little men, they do indeed seem to get into the most unbelievable of adventures, but ONE day they will grow up and have little men of their own. And that will be a most eye opening experience for them all! I often wonder just HOW they make it to adulthood alive!!!???

So Smile! It makes your face look happy!! And from what researchers tell us, it might just make you feel better too!

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