Monday, August 27, 2012

Meditation Class Starts Sept 17th in NH

                    Meditation: It's NOT what you THINK!

            New 6 Week class starting Monday September 17th

                                            7:30 to 9PM

How to Register: Click this link for more information.

If you ever wondered about meditation and how it might fit into your life, this might just be the class for you. Each week will introduce students to different types of meditation techniques. This will enable you to choose what works best and fits your own routine comfortably once the course has ended.

We have all seen the imagery of Buddha meditating, such as the photo I snapped above at IMS in Barre, Ma. These are iconic images emblazoned in our minds that may seem a bit incongruous to our fast paced, give it to me now, non stop, 24/7/365 lifestyle.

There are ways to bring a sense of calm and focus to our lives that can be nicely worked into our day or week without having to sit for long hours on a cushion, in some remote locale, trying to gain a sense of peace. Sounds great, but how practical is this visage in our daily lives? For most of us, not very realistic.

All you need to bring is an open mind and the willingness to learn new things and maybe, just maybe, you might find a sense of space, calm or insight in the midst of life as we know it!

                                        PLEASE NOTE:                                          

The Silent Sit Meditation nights that are held every Tuesday at Full Spectrum Wellness in Manchester, NH will resume on September 11th. If you have not been yet, it is a wonderful chance to meditate with a group, in a beautiful space that is very conducive for meditation. I have heard people say it is hard to find time, much less a space to meditate in their homes. Plus, sometimes it is just plain easier to meditate among like-minded people! So, come anytime and "sit" with us.  If you are ever running late, just enter the room quietly and take a seat. Also, you can choose to be with us for one or more Tuesdays, it is totally up to you. $5.00 weekly fee.

                                     7:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Full Spectrum Wellness • 55 S. Commercial St. • Manchester, NH 03101 • TEL: 603.296.0830 • 

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