Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yankees Suck?

Had the pleasure of attending a very special night at Fenway Park with my husband and son. It was special for several reasons: it was the night they honored David Ortiz for his 400th career homerun (way to go Big Papi!), the Navy Seals parachuted down onto the field from a plane high above the park, we got to go on the field for batting practice (way to go Ty, you "caught" one!)  had an informative, behind the scenes tour of this historic, 100 year old ball park AND we did it together as a family. What more could you ask for on  a hot summer night?

Heading onto the field!
I am not going to say much here but let the photos do the talking. Only wanted to add it was a LONG, LONG, LONG game that was for many Red Sox fans a tough night to stomach. The loss to the Yankees in the 9th inning, well after 11:00PM made it a quiet ride home for many that steamy night. What made me chuckle during the game however, was when the chant of "Yankees Suck" starting to rise among the stands and slowly make its way around the stadium. It is ironic to think that a team with such an impressive history of wins could actually "suck." It would seem that the Red Sox were more in a position to "suck" last night, but then who am I to judge? The chant did not last long, as a much louder and more cacophonous chant of "Here we go Red Sox, here we go" was blasted out by far more fans then the weakly chanted Yankees Suck. It would seem that people decided it was better to lift the spirits of our guys rather then tear down the iron clad veneer of their opponents, who clearly had their "game on" last night.

Oh well....someone wins, and someone loses, but in the end, it was a night we will not soon forget!
Getting Our Passes

The Green Monster, COOL!

Fans snapping pics behind the locked gate
Please let me catch one!