Tuesday, March 13, 2012

There IS Sound in Silence

I am truly in awe of the varying degree of sound that exists once all extraneous conversation and noise have been halted. There is such a cacophony of sound that exists: from the clink of glass,draw of breath, flap and flutter of bird wings, creak of muscle and bone, scrape of shoe, squeak of sneaker, rustle of  clothes, sizzle of  salmon cake frying, trill of telephone ringing, jingle of dinner bells chiming, gentle voice of teacher speaking, tapping and tinkle of utensils scraping plates, crunch of lettuce being chewed, gulp of food being swallowed, click of door closing, whoosh of door opening, wooden creak of seat, hungry stomach grumbling and gurgling, moist throat clearing, soft exhalation of air, rush of trees bending and waving, plush carpet rubbing, clicking of light switch on/off, whine of faucet turning, gush of water flowing, cyclone of toilet flushing, loud firecrackers of hunters guns, blazing fire crackling, dried leaves crunching, tiny birds singing, Burmese Mountain dog dog running, wind quietly blowing, sisters joyously singing,  sisters reverentially praying, book stiffly opening, pages quietly turning, pen gliding across paper, paper crisply ripping, sighs of contentment, rush of cold drinks pouring, clack and clunk of dishes being washed, zizzle of zipper, slap of feet on tile, crack of hands clapping, whiz of cars passing, gurgle of coffee pouring, slurp of hot drinks sipped and savored, pop of place mat shifting, whoosh of sofa cushions shifting, and so on and so on.... 

Silence is so full of sound, you need only stop and listen, in order to hear what truly is there already. And the result? A complete sense, if just for a moment or two of letting everything be as it is, without needing to fill up the silence with anything other then what is already there. There is sound in silence.

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