Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Tale of Two Restaurants

Once upon a time there were two very busy families, who had been trying for months to coordinate their equally active lives in order to dine out together as one big, happy group. Like most families, this indeed can be most difficult to make happen. All of us know that it can be a task requiring Herculean effort to juggle kids, husbands, wives, work, school, activities, classes, parents, siblings, homework etc. in order to be certain it works for everyone involved.

Finally, the day and date was settled upon and it seemed like everything was going according to plan. So barring any unforeseen illness or something similar, all was a "go" for Friday at 6pm. YES!!!

Whoops, forgot to mention the place was Kiku, no, it was You You, no Kiku, no it was You You, right?

Here is what REALLY happened:

Two families love eating Korean food and these same two families knew of a restaurant that had changed its name when it added a Japanese flair to the menu. When the restaurant was googled under a search for Korean Japanese places, the name You You popped up and since it was indeed on the correct street, it only made sense that this was the place, right?

One family goes to the left off the very same exit, to a place they thought was called You You's but now, surprise, the sign out in front says KIKU in huge letters. WHAT?  Oh well, thought this family, everyone knows the actual location we are going to so it matters not what the name is right? WRONG!

One family walks in and says "we have reservations for 7 people at 6pm" the waitress says, "oh dear, we have a reservation for 6 people at 7pm!" But since the table was open they just figured whoever took the reservation over the phone had made a mistake and sat us at once. 

This family sits and when the other family is still not there by 6:20 they proceed to order appetizers so that the hungry people arriving late will enjoy the snacks. Scallion pancakes, vegetable spring rolls, edamame, and steamed shrimp shumai are ordered. Now it is 6:30 and no other family has arrived and the place is filled to capacity, so they begin to think the worst! That something had indeed happened to the other family and maybe some calls need to be made.

Ah, but there was a problem. No one had the other persons cell phone number on them!

One family thinks, could it be that there truly is a place called You You's? So they call information and find out there is indeed another Japanese Korean Restaurant on the very same street in the very same city, and when that number is dialed, there is a family there sitting at a table for 7 people, and YES it is the other family needed to make a party of 7 at Kiku complete!

By now, it was 6:45 and  each family thought the other one was not going to come that night, so dinner was ordered prior to our discovery of the mistake at the two restaurants. One at Kiku, and one at You You, and since it made no sense to leave knowing this fact, these two families proceeded to eat  in two different restaurants, at opposite ends of a street, in the same town on the very same night. So close to one another, and yet so far! HAHAHA!

So the moral of the tale is this: When making plans for dinner have cell phone numbers of all the people involved!

Or, be like these two families and just SMILE at the confusion that can ensue because in the grand scheme of things two families got two very good dinners out and a HUGE LAUGH about the whole mix up that they can retell for the rest of their lives!!!


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