Friday, February 10, 2012

You Too can LOOK and FEEL Younger!

GOTCHA! Nope, not going to give you the secrets to the fountain of youth, because it simply does not exist. And yet magazines and media ads seem to bombard us with the fact that we can turn back the clock, look younger and return to a youthful state that will be the answer to all our problems in life.

Here is just a smattering of corporate advertising jargon designed to make me feel that my aging body is something to update, change or improve upon in order to make my life better. And all contained within a magazine that was conceived by a woman who tells us all repeatedly to be "the best,  authentic version of ourselves we can possibly be in life." Hmmmm, sounds a bit contradictory, don't you agree?

So here we go:

"Life puts the wrinkles in, now nature helps you take them out."

"Remove age spots"

" Revitalize skin faster than time"

" Easy to use anti-aging cream"

"Women saw the return of youthful, radiant skin"

Look, I know this comes as no surprise but I will say it again, you cannot make yourself younger no matter what you do. You can however make yourself feel better, and if that is what you are after with all these "anti aging products" then go right ahead! Feeling better about ourselves is generally going to have far more lasting effects then the shelf life of most of these costly skin care products anyway.

Trust me, I do not have all the answers to this incessant need to look younger in our culture. It seems to be a fact that all these product developers and advertisers are also quite savvy too as well. I am not immune to the effects either. I have however made a conscious choice to be as unaffected by it all as I can be, but it is hard. In fact quite hard, when we are all surrounded by both men and women who have an endless need to dress like they are in their 20's or worse try to look like a teenager, dye their hair to "look like the sun did it,"or push the limits of their bodies beyond what looks healthy, and in general do everything they can to avoid accepting themselves for who and what they are in this life.

If my words can empower just one person to stop thinking that they look "old" or feel bad about themselves because they are not a size 0, or that those laugh lines on your face are ugly, or the belly that has poofed out is unnatural, than I feel it was indeed all worth it. Stop trying to be anything other than who and what you are. And remember, it is no one else's choice but your own to look and feel the way you want, not even my opinion. So, be who YOU are and not what you think you NEED to be in order to "fit" the youth oriented culture we live in.  Otherwise, the only person you are fooling is you, and with all the insecurities people have in this day and age, you probably are not even doing that so well!

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