Friday, January 27, 2012

Moving Tribute to a Mom from her Sons

A beautiful tribute from two brothers who lost their mother due to a Firestone tire blow-out in 2004. Reminds us just how precious and fleeting life can be and that it can all change in an instant. Their lyrics are original and the boys sing it on the video themselves.  We all need a reminder sometimes to live every moment appreciating what we have rather then fretting or wishing it could be "other" or "only if" or "better." A complete waste of time, don't you agree?

BTW I think many of the comments posted by people to the above link's site are incredibly lacking in any compassion. Whatever the boys intention, the sad fact still remains that they have lost their mother and no amount of monetary compensation will ever bring her back. It is a really disappointing testament to the cold, and critical perceptions people have in this world.  I for one prefer to focus on thinking people have only the best of intentions rather then being swayed by cynical commentary of those who think they know best.  No one ever has the right to judge another, ever. Let's all remember that more in our every day life. See how hard it can be to do this sometimes and try to catch yourself when those negative or judgmental thoughts arise. Think with our hearts more instead of our minds and maybe, just maybe, things might not seem so bad.

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