Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thyroid Meds May NOT be for me

You may recall I had recently been given a therapeutic trial of Tirosint for my thyroid. I have come to the following conclusion after much careful thought and action: my system reacts in far too hyper a way to the drug, which my endocrinologist tells me, means my body is indeed converting my T4 to T3. He keeps lowering my dose, and I still keep feeling hyper, so much so that this last week I had 3 hours of sleep in 3 nights, NOT good for me or anyone.

What led me down this path in the first place was the fact that my TSH is normal, but my thyroid antibodies are high. This can be indicative of Hashimoto Thyroiditis. This theoretically means my antibodies are attacking my thyroid, which is still functioning, but at some point  may stop working. The theory with some doctors, is to allow patients such as myself, to try out thyroid medications on a trial basis in an attempt to see if they respond well to treatment. If they do, then this medication becomes part of a persons daily routine and it becomes a life choice at that point.

There were some days I felt incredibly good. There was this amazing sense of well being and calmness that was unlike any other I had ever felt. But, it came at a price of rapid heart beat, diarrhea, nausea, and some of the worst sleep I have had in months. Also, it made me feel many times like a person who drank too much coffee, on speed or simply too hyper to sit still for very long.

I have been recently reading Dr. John R. Lee's book and theories on women and menopause. He was the doctor who started the ground breaking practice of placing women on natural  progesterone therapy in order to balance out, women like me, who are estrogen dominant and progesterone deficient. Which happens to be most women at  this perimenopausal time of life. He has suggested that many women present a normal TSH but elevated antibodies as a direct result of progesterone deficiency. The body needs to make up for the loss somewhere so it takes from the thyroid and adrenal system.   So, in some cases, the thyroid and adrenal system are often impacted in such way that they overproduce some months and under produce at others causing women to feel at times hypo and hyper in terms of thyroid. 

I have decided to stop the therapeutic trial as I do not feel it is giving me a consistent enough feeling of well being to warrant going through more days of this adjustment process. What I am going to do is pursue the progesterone therapy in an effort to perhaps stave off the impending attack on my thyroid.

This is all so complex, and one that requires me to truly act as my own patient advocate. It is a bumpy road, but once again I am trusting my instincts on this one and giving the thyroid meds a break. Now, it may be that one day, I will in fact need to pursue this as part of my daily regime, but for right now I feel it best to do all I can to look for and assess the root cause of the inflammation first, then determine where to go from there.

Again, this may all be anectodal in terms of theory, but it makes sense to at least try it. After all, taking thyroid meds for me right now is like adding fuel to a fire that is already stoked since my symptoms seem to be more hyper then hypo related. So lets see where this new path leads me. This is not an easy process and it took me this whole week to really anaylze and assess what my steps would be on this path to wellness.

I do encourage everyone to do what feels best for you in order to make your own assessments.  Sometimes all we can do is take it one step at a time in order to truly determine a course of treatment that works.

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