Monday, November 21, 2011

In Love and Gratitude

We are given many opportunities over our lifetime to say thank you to the people who have left their indelible mark in our lives, however we don't always take the time, however brief, to do it. Thanksgiving seems a good a time as any so here is my show of gratitude to those that are in my heart and will remain so for many years to come:

To Bob and Ty: Two people who mean more to me than life itself!!! Unconditional love, non judgemental and a total acceptance of who I am and what I am all about. This is the greatest gift a spouse and a son could possibly give to me. Bob, you have stood by me through many ups and downs and have shown an unwavering support of all this and more that is immeasurable! And to Ty....your light, laughter and love make me so grateful every day that I woke that freezing cold sub zero January morning over 8 years ago telling your Daddy, "this is the time to start our family and adopt our child" and without missing a beat he said "yes!" Love to you both forever.

To Mary and Angela: Two of the most incredible women who have meant more to me over the years then either of them can ever imagine. Both of you inspired me to do "great" things and to be as authentic and original as I can while staying true to myself as an artist, mother, friend and woman. It was not easy moving to NH and leaving behind all my open minded and free thinking friends for a climate and place that is more inward focused then outward as I am. But there is change on the horizon and I am finally showing my authentic self here and finding things ring much truer to me now then ever before. Thank you both for giving me that courage!

To Judy: A person who I recently reconnected with (much to my delight) but never lost sight of over all these years. You were there for me as my yoga teacher but became so much more after my cancer diagnosis many years past now. I recall you telling me once that I was your hero, and that felt so uncomfortable to me Judy. You see I was just a woman doing what any woman would do with a diagnosis of cancer: making it all work the best you can. And you gave me that courage Judy to face those dark places, so thank you for being there in so many ways. (See links for Mindful Meditation)

To Sandy: Words cannot begin to express the deep meaning you brought to my life and still continue to do so. Through your gentle, loving and committed friendship you helped me to process and release more garbage from my life then I even knew existed! You are a healer, teacher and friend extraordinaire and I consider myself most lucky to have you in my my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart center! (See links for Peaceable Pathways)

To Sean: Your kind and attentive care brought a peace and calm to my life that has meant  much to me over these few years we have known one another. Your skilled hand and mind as an acupuncturist and your gentle ways, have helped me to feel healthier and more centered then I have in many long years. I am happy to have found you at a time when I needed alternative care which has blossomed into a real friendship. Thank you Sean! (See links for Balance Point)

To Barbara: There is a special place that you and your husband created that is my "go to place" for good energy, conversation and  courage. The Quartz Source is just such place. I came there years a go looking for help and inspiration for my cancer battle and your love and friendship won me over. It was you that gave me the idea to bring into surgery the things that I felt were needed by side: my Buddhist prayer beads, some stones that held great meaning and a letter to myself, all nicely sealed in a plastic bag and laid by my head. Thank you Barbara for giving me a smile and connection that is life lasting. (See links for The Quartz Source)

To Bodhipaksa: When I was struggling this last summer with some health concerns and feeling as though that recent brutal New England winter had done me in for good, I happened upon a CD of yours on called Guided Meditations for Calmness, Awareness and Love. This became for me a beacon of light in a life that had long neglected a regular meditation practice. Feeling inspired, I knew I needed to find a place to meditate locally, much as I did in years long past at the Tibetan Buddhist Center of Philadelphia. So I sign up for a class and SURPRISE you are the teacher! I had no idea you lived in NH much less were so close as your Scottish accent led me to believe you lived far and away. So fate played a hand and I thank you for having the foresight and business savvy to provide your work with meditation in so many varied formats with or without the dogma for one and all to enjoy: most wonderful. (See links for Wildmind Meditation and Aryaloka Buddhist Center)

To Michelle: For giving me some terrific aromatherapy care this past summer that helped me face the days and nights with a renewed sense of calm and relaxation. Thank you for listening to me and for being a true friend who really cares. One can never have enough of those in their life. (Good luck to you with the new business venture and once you have a link I will add it here!) 

And lastly to all the teachers I have yet to meet or have met, to all the friends I have made along my way and to my sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and my grandmothers and grandfathers, in particular my Mother and Father for giving me this life to share with others, thank you from the very depth of my being.

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