Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thyroid Roller Coaster

Started my thyroid meds as of last Thursday and boy does it feel like a roller coaster ride! I was so amped up the first two days I cleaned and did things around the house that would have ordinarily taken me days to complete! Now, while in theory that sounds great it felt like I had to stay in perpetual motion and not by choice. I have to admit though that I felt much clearer and focused and my mood was elevated as well. And that felt very good indeed. Then Sunday night came crashing in with heart palpitations and constant night wakings from the pounding of my chest. Whoopee! That was nuts, but a calm center, deep breathing and a healthy dose of meditation got me through that rough patch. Spoke to the doctor last night and he is lowering my dose as my system is so hypersensitive. I have been that way since I was a kid and even vitamins and aspirin can throw me for a loop. Advil makes me feel drugged and loopy so I avoid it and only use it as a last resort.

Last night was better, had frequent wakings but no pounding heart and my pulse feels rather normal right now. WOW! I had no idea thyroid meds can rev up your body in such a crazy way. I had heard about it from friends and read about it online, but it is so amazing to go through it yourself. Wheee!!!!

Plugging along.....

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