Friday, October 21, 2011

Doctor Visit

Yesterday, I had my first appointment with a Dr Kenneth Blanchard in Newton, MA. He is the author of the book What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Hypothyroidism. Quirky, knowledgeable and utterly delightful, this Endocrinologist has been a trend setter and rebel in the field of Hypothyroidism for over 30 years. While there are some doctors who are starting to pick up cues from Dr. Blanchard, most still follow protocols and outdated practices regarding thyroid disease that focus more on aligning your "numbers" to standards of normalcy rather then taking into account the physiologic aspects of this disease and working with patient one on one, in constant contact to achieve a feeling of balance. I cannot tell you how many women I have encountered since speaking out about my diagnosis who tell me they saw little to no change on their meds or are either way too hyper or depressed, both signs of inadequate or overmedication. But their doctors tell them, "your numbers are within normal." Well, normal for who? Our bodies tell us far more then a number and that is what truly matters.

Now, I am new to this, so I have much to learn. I was put on on new drug called Tirosint a gel form of Levothyroxine that is completely free of any additives, dyes or fillers that caused a good deal of allergic reactions in the older, more established thyroid meds. Also there were problems with absorption for many people who take the other more commonly prescribed pills.

My first night? First, I felt really tired and wanted to go to sleep, but then I  became really jazzed up after trying to sleep for a few hours and found myself awake. I reasoned that my body did not like taking it at dinner, so I switched to AM today and am going to keep on that schedule for my two week trial and see how it goes.  The doctor wanted me to try evenings at first since a lot of his patients find it very soothing, but I am that one patient in 1,000 who is so super sentisive to any changes to my body that even vitamins can throw me for a loop! So I listen to my body and will just wait and watch see how it goes with the AM.

I have felt the way I feel for so many years now, I am not really sure what "good" feels like anymore and frankly that even scares me a little! I know this sounds absurd but it is true. The only me I know is the one who has struggled with finding answers and there is a part of myself that still thinks "is this yet another blind alley toward optimal health? This may not be the panacea I am looking for, but I hope it allows for an improved way of life so that my change of life is not so dramatic as it has been or so that I can cope better with the fall out from menopause. Thyroid disease can and does wreak havoc with the ups and downs of this time of life, so I do hope I will weather the storm better!

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